Welcome to the home of podcasts produced by Open Education Global. These shows bring you insight and connection to the application of open education practices from around the world.

We left room here for future shows, but our primary effort is OEGlobal Voices, where hear from educators to hear their motivations and interests recorded in an informal, conversational style.

As of May 19, 2024 we have published 69 episodes of OEGlobal Voices. You can view episodes:

Through late 2023 we created an intro for this show featuring multiple voices, modeling the style of the clever Mailchimp advertisement for Serial. We invited guests and the general community to record and share their own voice recordings of the introduction. You can explore random mixes of these using a web-based tool we used to generate the sequences.

We switched to a newer introduction format since October 2023 that starts with a highlight clip from our guests.

We will feature different open licensed music in each show selected from the Free Music Archive — a full playlist of tracks used is available. Plus, in connection to our work with OE LATAM, we are planning a series of podcasts all in Spanish.

Find our show info at https://pods.link/oeg-voices

You can subscribe to OEG Voices in Apple Podcasts, in Google Podcasts, and in Spotify as well as using the podcast feed in any other podcast listening app. Or signup to get notifications of new episodes by email.

If you want to share your voice or suggest other open educators we should invite to our podcast, let us know via podcast@oeglobal.org.

Behind the Scenes

This is how we produce our podcasts, there is nothing exotic or super hi fi technology. We asks our guests, if they are willing to do so, to meet first in zoom or now our new SquadCast studio, using the video just so we can feel like we are in the same room and to make sure everyone understands how we will record an episode (but all we record is audio). And to ask if they approve us taking screenshot photos to use when we publish.

Once audio recording starts, we then have our conversation while seeing each other in video. It tends to make people feel like they are in the same space as opposed to the disembodied feeling of watching an audio waveform wiggle.

Previously our editing was done old school style using the open source software Audacity but since 2023 we have been making used of the modern AI enabled editing and transcription features of Descript (see more details in Alan Levine’s post Changing Up, “Decripting” My Podcast Methods, Eh, Ai? Eh?) including adding links to the version published in Descript where you can listen to the audio while viewing the transcript. We are carefully exploring as well a few of the Descript AI Actions, like generating a chapter summary. All episode summaries remain human authored.

Our intro (described above) is added, plus a background different open licensed Free Music Archive track for opening and closing. The final mp3 audio is uploaded to this WordPress site and added to an episode’s post using the PowerPress plugin.

When published, the episode is cross posted to our OEGlobal Connect community site into an area for this show enabling followup conversations. The Discourse WordPress plugin automatically generates a new topic in OEG Connect, and the conversations there are syndicated back to this site in place of typical comments.

Again, to see it first hand, join a future episode as a guest. We would love to bring your voice to the podcast. Just send us a message via podcast@oeglobal.org.

Image Credit: 2011/365/63 On The Air flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license