During the November 2020 OE Global Conference we experimented with open microphone sessions, where we invited participants to join us at four scheduled times in our Zencastr web studio to share their experiences of the conference.

This was unscripted, unplanned, except to capture the experiences of people in the middle of OE Global’s first every fully online conference. We have three recordings to share, and you will hear original music that was shared in a conference discussion thread on music collaboration.

In our first session, the second day of the conferences, guests included Maren Deepwell (Wales), Terry Greene (Canada), Paul Bond (USA), and Frances Bell (UK). The music “Gino Funk 123fo” was shared by Gino Fransman.

Listen in now:

Guests in the next session later that same day include Hilda Zatarain (Mexico), Harry Tinoco-Giraldo (USA), Jure Čuhalev (Slovenia), Terry Greene (Canada), and Anne Marie Scott (Canada). We have in this track music created and shared by Irwin Devries.

Our last session features the voices of Christina Hendricks (Canada), Tannis Morgan (Canada), and Kristina Ishmael (USA). And the music here is from OE Global’s Mario Badilla

We hope this gives you a good sense of the conference experience “from the floor” of the scene. Look for more OEG Voices podcasts from OE Global events, wherever they take place.