This episode number is quite out of numerical sequence, and I have to humbly apologize to our guest, Bonni Stachowiak, host of the Teaching in Higher Ed (TiHE) podcast, as we recorded this conversation months ago this year!

On the podcast air since 2014, Teaching in Higher Ed is “a space to explore the art and science of being more effective at facilitating learning.” In addition to podcasting, Bonni is the Dean of Teaching and Learning at Vanguard University as well as actively teaching as a Professor of Business and Management.

As an example of taking OEG Voices “on the road” by recording episodes in the homes of other podcasts, Bonni published a copy of our conversation as episode of TiHE 405 in March, 2022. Despite the fact her production team sent me a polished recording and a transcript, I fell down on getting it published. But better late than never, it’s going out on the road finally as OEG Voices episode 31, and as the last one was episode 44, we are out of numerical sequence.

There is a bit of serendipity of numbers, as Bonni and I have a common connection of noticing and taking photos of meaningful numbers, mine is 106 and hers is 208 (you will have to ask us for the back story). And in time for our podcast recording, in fact I scheduled it as a timed tweet, my old truck’s odometer had hit her magic number the week before.

Beyond my embarrassment of podcast production chops and fascination with numbers, Bonni and I had a fantastic conversation about openness in the broadest sense, what it means to enter someone’s space via a video conference camera, being with people through just audio, classroom observations, motivations for open sharing, annotation (and annotating faucets), on making mistakes in public, and more.

Listen in, our conversation from February feels just as timely today:

References and Quotes for Episode 31

Thanks again (and many apologies for being so late), Bonni. If you do not listen to her show, add Teaching in Higher Ed to your podcast app.

Our open licensed music for this episode is from the Free Music Archive, a track called “Magic Numbers” by Alcove licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License found, like most of our intro music, in the Free Music Archive

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