In another new series of episodes going into 2024 we will be sharing the voices of the OEGlobal Board of Directors, who provide the key leadership and direction for our organization. In this episode you will hear conversations recorded at OEGlobal 2023 in Edmonton with Board Vice-President Lisa Young and Board Member Cathy Casserly.

We hear a bit about their conference experience but also their viewpoints into the open education issues and topics that provide their direction in their role on the Board of Directors, who held a working meeting the day after the conference.

OEGlobal Board Members and Staff at OEGlobal 2023, CC-BY OEGlobal

These podcasts are part of the current board’s commitment to engage with the OEGlobal community. We plan to feature a new board member in a series every other month starting in the new year. In addition, the Board is taking turns posting a viewpoint on a topic of interest in OEG Connect, a place where you can respond and speak to them.

This Episode

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The podcast episode by Open Education Global features conversations with board members Lisa Young and Cathy Casserly. Lisa discusses the current issues impacting open education, the potential role of AI in the OER movement, and her experience serving on the OE Global board. Cathy shares her insights on the developments in open education over the last two decades, the importance of collaboration across different sub-sectors in the open ecosystem, and the potential of AI in open education. Both emphasised the importance of remaining connected to the global community, despite the constraints presented by limited resources. The conversations were recorded at the OE Global Conference in Edmonton.

00:05 Introduction to the Podcast
01:01 Introducing the OE Global Board of Directors
01:58 Conversation with Lisa Young
02:25 Discussing the Impact of Open Education
04:31 The Role of AI in Open Education
05:29 Lisa’s Experience on the OE Global Board
07:06 Conversation with Cathy Casserly
07:58 The State of Open Education
10:15 The Future of OE Global
11:57 Incorporating Indigenous Perspectives in Conferences
12:59 Closing Remarks

Note: The conversation with Lisa Young was recorded outside the conference center near a busy street. Even with the AI enhanced editing in Descript, the sound is not the best. If you prefer the full recording with all ambient sound, see below!

Additional Links and Quotes for Episode 61

I love having colleagues from around the world from so many continents and for them all to be able to share their viewpoints. It’s really continued to open up my mind and help me see the global issues that are occurring. As I’ve come to OE Global conferences over the years, I always have that moment where my mind just gets blown.

Lisa Young on being a board member

Braided, Inspiring, and Networked

Lisa Young’s three words to describe OEGlobal 2023
Original audio recording with Lisa Young including much traffic noise and maybe a few dogs barking!

AI is changing the landscape of the world and education along with it. So I think in particular, with respect to openly licensed content, there’s a moment in time when we have to be proactive as a community to figure out exactly how we want to participate in the AI education space with the content that is openly licensed.

Because otherwise it will happen to us and we want to be proactive. So I think clarity on that is of utmost importance.

Cathy Casserly on the state of Open Education

Connection. Awesome and Introspective.

Cathy Casserly’s three words to describe OEGlobal 2023

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