In our ongoing effort to bring you the voices of last year’s Open Education Awards for Excellence, we aimed in this episode to share the winners of the UNESCO OER implementation Award. This award was given to all 294 presenters at the OEGlobal 2021 conference — see the announcement and list of all awardees.

The challenge of doing a podcast for this award was finding a way to schedule 294 people to visit our podcast studio.

Rather than trying to schedule a meeting for this group, we instead asked each to share their reaction or description of their award winning effort in three minutes or less of audio. A call was put out via OEG Connect and we also notified the group by email, requesting contributing audio via FlipGrid or just sending us their own recordings.

While we did not hear from all 294 awardees, the responses from 34 of them make up for an hour of valuable listening in this episode. In each, we hear insight and passion about a wide range of open education efforts around the world. A few chose to combine their efforts as a group plus we have one response recorded in both Spanish and English. The best part is just hearing all of these different voices speak together.

You can now listen to voices 34 of UNESCO OER Implementation Award winners as a single podcast, including Alexander Mikroyannidis, Antonio Juan Delgado, Aras Bozkurt, Chrissi Nerantzi, Christian Stracke, Cristine Gusmão, Derek Moore, Ebba Ossiannilsso, Eseta Tualaulele, Gaby Lutgens, Gino Fransman, Helene Pulker, Imelda Parcasio, Jennifer Miller, Josie Milliken, Judith Fathallah, Judith Sebesta, Kelly Mckenna, Lais Souza, Laura Henderson, Mais Fatayer, Marie Beebe, Maryanne Karamagi, Maya Anderson-Gonzalez, Melissa Guadalupe Huertas, Naomi Wahls, Nichole Saad, Odysseas Frank, Paola Corti, Penny Bentley, Ramesh Sharma, Rovani Sigamoney, Thanassis Frank, and Verena Roberts.

See notes and reference links below, plus you also access each segment individually in a playlist. The audio submitted via FlipGrid are also available as a MixTape.

And for the 261 award winners we did not hear from, do not worry- we are opening the call again. Once we collect enough for another episode, it will be published here at OEG Voices.

Voices in this Episode

Thanks to all who responded to the call, listed below in order of appearance including the OE Global 2021 participation representing their achievement and other links or notes shared.

Laura Henderson

Maya Anderson-Gonzalez

Marie Beebe and Imelda Parcasio

  • OEGlobal 2021 Presentation: OER Without Borders
  • -Department of Education portal for the commons (OER). There is advocacy work to make the commons more open.
  • Content for offline distribution is being offered using a new platform, e-lib box (more information)
  • – Starbooks (Science and Technology Academic And Research-based Openly Operate KioskS) developed by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST)
  • – Project website. Kaisipan is finalizing a mobile app for sharing OER online and offline

The Tagalog word “Bayanihan,” literally means “being a bayan /country” and it used to refer to a spirit of communal unity and cooperation– that is how we describe a cooperative undertaking.

Maria Beebe

Melissa Guadalupe Huertas and Nichole Saad

Eseta Tualaulele
Mais Fatayer

Derek Moore

Ebba Ossiannilsso

It is so wonderful that OE Global dedicated the entire conference 2021 to the OER Recommendation.

Ebba Ossiannilsso

Rovani Sigamoney, Maryanne Karamagi, and Kelly McKenna

Antonio Juan Delgado

(audio in English and Spanish, thanks y gracias)

Naomi Wahls

The GO-GN Open Picture Book Team

including Chrissi Nerantzi, Gino Fransman, Helene Pulker, Paola Corti, Odysseas Frank, Thanassis Frank, Bryan Mathers, Penny Bentley, and Verena Roberts

Ramesh Sharma
Aras Bozkurt

Judith Fathallah

Lais Souza and Cristine Gusmão

Judith Sebesta

Jennifer Miller

Alexander Mikroyannidis

Gaby Lutgens

Josie Milliken

Christian Stracke

Listen to Individual Segments

Use the playlist below to hear a specific audio segment included in this episode.

Our openly licensed music for this episode is from the Free Music Archive, a song called The World Around You by Frau Holle licensed under a Creative Commons BY NC license.

The introduction created by the OEG Voices Mixer features the voices of Cynthia O, Alex E, Bonni S, Gino F, Rajiv J, Lori-Beth L, Shinta H, Jöran M-M, Clint L, Shannon S, Maren D (learn how to add your voice to the mix).