If you have not experienced content created in Manifold, the open source web publishing platform, explore it as soon as possible! It should be obvious why Manifold was recognized with a 2020 Open Education Award for Excellence in the Open Tool category. In this episode of OEG Voices, hear from members of the team behind Manifold including:

“[Manifold is] a place you can have where you take content you have and publish it in a professional looking space with beautiful aesthetics, responsive mobile design, and just a modern, beautiful platform.”

Matthew Gold
In the podcast studio with Team Manifold representatives including Krystyna Michael, Matthew Gold, Zach Davis, Robin Miller, Terence Smyre, and from OE Global, Alan Levine.

What is also obvious in this conversation is how much this team enjoys the work they do together.

Learn about the possibilities of Manifold at https://manifoldapp.org/

“It’s a great way to empower student voices and to give their scholarship a beautiful platform to share with the world.”

Robin Miller

“You can create a digital text that’s like a one stop shop that contains all of your secondary videos, articles, links, that are embedded in the specific place in the text where you want your students to turn to that thing, so it can be really customized for your course but also to meet your students exactly where they are.”

Krystyna Michael

[A] really exciting for scholars to be able to do is to bring that kind of material in as well as be able to leverage web technology to put out interesting data visualizations, maps, all those sorts of things that we can do in Manifold, to really make it a much more interesting and engaging experience than you can do in just a print environment.

Terence Smyre

So a lot of attention [in future versions of Manifold] to just making instructors’ lives easier when working with Manifold — having different roles around annotations, being able to pull content from different projects on a Manifold instance and to create a reader or a set of course material based on what’s on the instance. Further out, we have like all kinds of stuff coming… localization, analytics, supporting journals in Manifold, plus adding some new kind of data models and records for journals.

Zach Davis

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Music for this episode is  “Joyful Meeting” by Crowander from the Free Music Archive shared under a Creative Commons BY-NC (Attribution-Non-Commercial 4.0) license.